I have lived my life always learning new things and constantly evolving to be the best version of me. I first wrote this blog post when I turned 42, in 3 months time I will be 44. It's truly amazing how much life can change in such a short amount of time and how my previous life lessons have shaped me to be the person I am today. These lessons have helped me to walk in this next season of life with grace and a positive mindset. At this time in my life the greatest lesson would be don't take a year for granted and if we really want to put it into perspective - don't take a single day for granted, for tomorrow is never promised!

42 Life Lessons

1. You only know what you know, but you can change and learn new things.

2. Happiness comes from within. Stop thinking that someone or something else is going to bring you happiness.

3. Take the good things you have learnt from your family and run with that and create a better life this time round for you (forget the shitty bits), your life does not need to be a repeat of those who have gone before you.

4. Walk through life with a loving and non-judgmental heart.

5. You will never be happy with more if you are not happy with what you have now.

6. Live in the moment.

7. You are the sum of the 5 people you hang around with, chose your circle carefully, knowing they will be influencing your life good or bad.

8. It has nothing to do with you what other people think of you, don't waste your energy worrying about what other people might think, be a good person, live your life and be happy.

9. Think before you speak. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should, other people have feelings too.

10. Learn how to forgive, it will release unnecessary burdens on both parties and will free your heart to give with out reservations.

11. If you can count your closest friends on one hand, you are extremely blessed, give gratitude daily for your friendships.

12. You can never get in trouble if you remain an honest person.

13. Being able to sleep soundly at night is one of life's greatest gifts.

14. As you get older don't forget to share your knowledge.

15. Your life lessons are your unique stories but you never know who might benefit from your experiences, share openly with others.

16. Say what you mean and mean what you say. In a world full of "stuff and lip services" it is refreshing to come across a person who will follow through with their word.

17. Don't sweat the small stuff, wasting energy on silly thoughts takes you away from living in the moment and enjoying life.

18. Take care of your health, you only have one home (body), if you don't look after it, you have nothing.

19. Don't let others steal your joy, take back your own happiness and be responsible for the choices you make in life.

20. Everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad. Usually there will be a lesson attached to it. If you keep having the same things happen to you over and over again, you haven't learnt the lesson yet - pay closer attention to your life.

21. Learn to laugh at yourself, don't take life too seriously.

22. Slow down, nothing is so important that your health should suffer and that you should miss out on life's 'special moments'.

23. Listen to learn, don't listen to respond. This will one of the greatest life skills you can have.

24. Not everyone will like you and that's ok, because they are not your tribe.

25. Don't underestimate the power of Trust. Be mindful that you never break the trust of those you care about most, for once the trust is broken it will never be quite the same again.

26. Consider the advice of others, but then make a decision for what best fits for you. You never have to take on others advice if you don't agree with it.

27. Wake each day giving thanks for the breath you are able to take, for as you take a breath someone else is taking their last.

28. Celebrate your achievements as they happen.

29. Clean your own 'skiddys' off the toilet bowl.

30. De-cluttering your house will assist with de-cluttering your thoughts.

31. Have a positive attitude ALWAYS, a negative attitude will make you sick.

32. Learn to cook - it is a form of meditation and there is nothing better than seeing the simple joy on the faces of others as they eat your yummy soul food.

33. Ground yourself daily, walk barefoot on the natural earth, like the grass or beach and enjoy the health benefits from this activity.

34. Self Care and Self Love is important, make sure that this becomes part of your life.

35. Read books, never stop learning and sharing what you have learnt.

36. A 'Life Coach/ mentor' is important to have. Unless you have it all figured out, you will need someone to help guide you and give you the tools needed so that you can have a simple and happy life.

37. If you have a problem also come to the table with a solution, it is never fair to just dump and run, others also have their own 'stuff' going on. Use others to bounce your ideas off and you will feel empowered to have assisted with the solution.

38. Make your bed every day.

39. Procrastination will devoid you of success - just do it!

40. A wise man once told me when we are born we are all dealt a card with a number, we just don't know what our number is. Some of us will have a small number, others will have a big number. The point is - live each day like it could be your last, for none of us know when our number is up.

41. Have no regrets - say yes and sort out the details later.

42. Create a simple, happy home life and everyone in your circle will thrive from it.